Sunday, April 24, 2011

One more on my plate!

Well I may have to be committed after May 6th, with all that I have going on now with teaching classes to guild projects and starting a couple of knitting projects, plus starting up doing my hand needlework again, I really don’t need another thing in my life. BUT I have decided to join in on an online free motion challenge that Joanne and Wendy are doing. It started on Friday April 22nd and goes to May 6th; the challenge is that you have to do some form of FMQ for 14 days straight. I think it will be more help to me than doing an overload to myself, for the simple fact that I will be trying to finish some of the projects that are lying around my sewing room. Finishing is always a good thing in my world. The projects are somewhat small so the idea is to get back to FMQ slowly and work up to doing maybe a couple of larger projects after the challenge is over. I have not done any FMQ this year and I only did a couple of things last year. So with that said I will go organize my projects and report back sometime tomorrow.

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Joanne said...

Good luck with your FMQ.
BTW - The challenge is until the 12th of May.