Friday, December 31, 2010

UFO Challenge

If starting a new business isn't overwhelming already, I am going to add a couple of things to my already long list of "to do". In 2011 I am going to do an online UFO Challenge. I hoping that this will give me a reason to work on some of my things that I kind of keep putting off. Like when you say that "I'll do that project later" and the later never comes. In starting my business for teaching computer programs and quilting, I will most likely be working on class projects and my long list of UFOs will be forgotten to a later time. So in the spirit of doing things in a group. I have decided to join in Judy L. online UFO challenge to try to complete 1 projects a month for 12 months. I added a 13th project just to make things interesting to me. If I finish a project early then I will work on the 13th project a little at a time, so that this time next year I will have an added bonus of 13 UFO project done.
Here are the project list. Some of these project are close to 15 years old, like #9. I started this quilt when my son was in 7th grade I think. He is now 28 years old. Most of them are only a couple of years old.
  1. Mysteries quilt #1 (blue and gold) - March
  2. flamingo doll quilt - July
  3. star quilt
  4. red and white doll quilt - April
  5. firework quilt
  6. interlocking chain / bird quilt - January
  7. Hope crumb small quilt
  8. stack and whack star doll quilt - June
  9. Angel’s graduation quilt - May
  10. jungle fever quilt - February
  11. pink and brown butterfly quilt
  12. Asian circle quilt
  13. puppy trip around the world quilt
Cheryl M.