Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. I hope you are ready. Well it is Christmas Eve day and I am still trying to finish things up. At least most of the gifts are wrapped, only about handful to left to wrap, not like I normally have about a couple of dozen at 10:00 pm and just starting. With luck everything will be finished by 9 PM. Have to get stuff for cooking dinner tomorrow. With luck I will be able to stay out of the kitchen tomorrow except for a short time. Making a 7 layer jello and bread today. My daughter in law is going to cook the mashed potatos and vegatable to tomorrow and sweet DH will cook the turkey in the oil less fryer.

I might get to sew alittle on some of my UFO's tomorrow or play with my new toy. DH said that I could order a wacom intuos4 tablet. This thing is so cool. I am looking forward to designing some embroidery designs and quilting stuff this coming year. All part of my plan to make quilt and embroidery a last career. Till later everyone have a safe holiday and wishing for lots of sewing time in 2010.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting organized

I am still getting organized,even if it is just in my head. I Taught one class at a local quilt shop. It was good to be teaching again. The class only had 3 students but very rewarding. The best feeling about teaching is when the light bulb goes off in a students head and realizes that it's not hard and all of the possible creative idea that can come from one idea. The class was a pin less circle technique that I discovered a couple years ago. It is from Dale Fleming's book Pieced Curves So Simple. It really is a fun technique, especially now that circles are back in the quilt designs.
Things are slow in the designing area. With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, I am trying to finish project for guild exchanges and finishing Christmas shopping for family. It sure helps to be able to buy several things online with discounts also. Hurray for sales. Everything should be delivered and wrapped before the 24Th. That would be a new thing, I am always wrapping gifts on Christmas eve, it's almost a tradition to lock bedroom door and wrap for a couple of hours. I think the new Christmas tradition is to order early online and wrap when it gets delivered. LOL
If things slow down a little I will be able to take some pictures and show here, the fun part of blogging is seeing all the eye candy for inspirations.
I think next year I will join Judy L. design wall Monday. Only I will have two design walls, one for my never ending UFO projects and the other one for designs that I will market. The market design wall I will only show small portions, when I copyright the design and publish for sales then I will show the entire designs.