Thursday, February 12, 2015


Well did anybody think I dropped off the face of the earth. I am just not a writer to say.
Today I am going to share with you some of my doodles or drawings.
Some people would call one drawing zentangles, but the fact is to call something a zentangle you need to have taken the certification class by the developers of zentangles. With that said I call mine doodles, for that is exactly what they are. I mostly do them to past the time or relax in stressful time. I love the designs that take a simple shape, like a dog or bird and doodle inside but I am completely stumped by what to put inside them without it looking like a mess.
I traced the dog a couple of weeks ago and still not sure where to start.
I also like drawing designs that have a Norwegian rosemaling look of flowers and scrolls. I would like to combine the folk art style with the doodle style. That might be easier than a dog shape.
Till later, have a good day.
Cheryl M.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting back into things again and again!!

Though I read several blogs everyday, I just don't seem to have anything to say on my own blog that would be interesting, at least to me. I have been busy with the guilds and groups that I belong to. Though I love doing all the things with and for the groups, I think I have to slow down after this year is over. Being president of the guild and helping with the organization of a large quilt show in the area is putting the stress level in over drive. I say this now, but when asked to do something or want to do something comes up again, I most likely will be in the midst of it. 
One of the guilds that I belong to is starting a UFO challenge in June. To qualify for a UFO one block has to be started for the project. Well I have been wanting to start a small wool project by primitive gatherings, its' called little buds. So I started one block. The leaves are about 1/2" by 1/4" small and I am using 50wt sewing thread. So far it's not to bad.
You can see from the picture how small the leaves are compared to the penny.

Just take one stitch at a time and hopefully I will have it done before June 2014. Wish me luck and I will try to keep you informed of the progress.
Till later
Cheryl M.

Friday, January 11, 2013

On the needle week 2

This week was one of those weeks that zoomed by, but at the same time it took so long to get to Friday. One more week of work and then it will be time to play with my new camera.
On to the subject of the post. What I have on my needles has not changed much this week. I do have pictures this time, so that will make a more enjoyable post.
The first item is the cap for soldiers that I got about half way done.

I did finish the right fingerless mitts that is a gift for a special friend. The pattern is on ravelry called 'Queen Lucy's fingerless mitts' .

 The next thing that I have on the needles but have not worked on for a couple of weeks is a shrug that I hope to finish before next weekend. The yarn is amazing by Lion Brand, its very pretty but not sure if I like working with it. I hope I have enough yarn. I am already on the second ball and I have not gotten any further than about 4". The pattern is also on ravelry, its called 'mockingbird shrug'.


The other project that I mentioned last week that are also sitting for me to pick up again, is a shawl called 'easy knit shawl'.

And the last is a pair of socks that I am doing for my daughter. This is the first time I 've done them two at a time and I can say that I like doing it this way. Don't have to worry about if the second sock will be the same size and the stripes will match. Just have to turn the heel and add a small ribbing cuff on the top. So those will be done. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone if able to doing alot of knitting and some quilting this weekend. Stop over to Judy's patchwork times blog and see some other knitting projects that others' are doing in blog land.