Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday’s Design wall 1-31-11

Well it’s Monday again, and I have a little more to show on my design wall. The same quilt is still on the wall. I have a couple more blocks up and sewn together. It seems that I should be done putting this together, but it is slow getting all the seams to match. I can only do a couple seams at a time. Then I have to move to something else. I had to dye some more fabric for this quilt. I ran out of the darker blue and I still have the border to piece together. I will be glad to see this one completed.

In other things I started to work on a class sample for the Quilter’s Academy series, this one is for a class that I am teaching in March. It is from the second book of  Harriet Hargrave’s book Quilter’s Academy. It should go together fairly quickly after I find some more fabric. I cut the strips out last night, but I figures wrong and did not have enough. I should be able to find something very close. If not I will find a way to use what I have. Make it into a learning experiment for class example of what not to do and how to save a quilt. All in one example. I hope to have it up on my design wall next Monday. I am sure everyone is tired of seeing the same quilt on the wall for three weeks. I know I am sure tired of seeing it. I am ready to move on to other things.
If you want to see more things and get some wonderful inspiration go check out all the links on Judy’s L. blog. Till next time and hopefully with something else on the design wall.
Cheryl M>

Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday 1-24-11

Just a quick post for design wall Monday. As you can see that I have done a little more on the opportunity quilt for one of my guilds. I have all the blocks back from the members, and just have to finish a couple of blocks that I said I would do. I have been able to stitch a couple of 4 patches together and will sew them together this week. I am hoping to get this center done by the end of the month and working on the border real soon. My goal is to have the top finished by the 11th for guild meeting. Then someone else can take it for a little bit to have it quilted.
Thanks for stopping by and go look at all the other design Mondays' on Judy's blog.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday 1-17-11

I thought that I would try to do Judy s' design wall Monday again this year. Since I have more time now, I might be able to keep something on the wall to report, other than one or two thing a year. I presently am the quilt mother for my guild's opportunity quilt. This is our 2010 opportunity quilt that I hope the top gets finished in the next month. I am so ready for this quilt to go to a quilter. It started out to be a project that sounded interesting. Last year I presented 4 quilts to the guild. I did not think that they would pick this one, due to that it is paper pieced. The problem was that not many guild members like to paper piece. Then I thought that it would look the best in hand dyed fabric. The problem was that hand dyed fabric would cost the guild to much money to make. So I learned how to dye the fabric myself. Which turned out to be pretty cool, so now I have a new skill that I enjoy very much. Its not a difficult pattern but it does have 27 pieces in each block and not all the blocks are the same color arrangement. Anyway the blocks are almost finished, just waiting to receive about 4 more blocks from a member and I will be able to put the top together completely. The pattern is from the magazine 'Quiltmaker'  the September/October 09 issue. Thanks for looking at my blog, go see all the other great post on Judy's blog of other design wall Mondays.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing all a Happy New Year. Hoping that you succeed in all your goals and dreams.