Friday, January 11, 2013

On the needle week 2

This week was one of those weeks that zoomed by, but at the same time it took so long to get to Friday. One more week of work and then it will be time to play with my new camera.
On to the subject of the post. What I have on my needles has not changed much this week. I do have pictures this time, so that will make a more enjoyable post.
The first item is the cap for soldiers that I got about half way done.

I did finish the right fingerless mitts that is a gift for a special friend. The pattern is on ravelry called 'Queen Lucy's fingerless mitts' .

 The next thing that I have on the needles but have not worked on for a couple of weeks is a shrug that I hope to finish before next weekend. The yarn is amazing by Lion Brand, its very pretty but not sure if I like working with it. I hope I have enough yarn. I am already on the second ball and I have not gotten any further than about 4". The pattern is also on ravelry, its called 'mockingbird shrug'.


The other project that I mentioned last week that are also sitting for me to pick up again, is a shawl called 'easy knit shawl'.

And the last is a pair of socks that I am doing for my daughter. This is the first time I 've done them two at a time and I can say that I like doing it this way. Don't have to worry about if the second sock will be the same size and the stripes will match. Just have to turn the heel and add a small ribbing cuff on the top. So those will be done. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone if able to doing alot of knitting and some quilting this weekend. Stop over to Judy's patchwork times blog and see some other knitting projects that others' are doing in blog land.


sklinn62 said...

Your projects are all beautiful! I knitted a scarf for my daughter with Lion Brand Amazing. I didn't really care to knit with it, but she really liked it.

Ava Louise said...

I like all your projects and it looks like you have as many things going at once as I do. I'm always looking for needles because they're usually holding yarn somewhere.